Our History

It all started when Colby was 14 years old. One of his good friends invited him to be a chef for his startup Kettle Corn Company. Colby agreed and began learning the tricks of the trade. During that time Colby began to imagine some new and innovative ways to improve the process. They eventually went their separate ways when the company started experiencing financial problems. Later, when Colby was about 16 years old, he took some kettle corn to a family reunion. There, he explained some of his ideas to his uncle. With some further communications and a little luck, they built the kettle that Colby had dreamed of. That same year he acquired a contract with a large retailer to be a traveling vendor. This allowed him to take his kettle to any associated retail stores and try it out. He soon found out that his improved process was an instant success. People started following him from one store to another. With this success, Colby wanted to find a way to provide his now famous kettle Corn to everyone. And the rest, as they say, is history. Colby's Kettle Corn is now distributed throughout the Western and Mid- Western United States. Along with distribution to four other countries! Even though Colby's Kettle Corn is much larger now, they will always use his secret process to insure that when you pick Colby's, you pick quality.