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Welcome members! We know eating healthy and watching your diet is improtant to you and it can be hard to find great foods that allow you to stay in great shape. We'd like to help you by offering a discount on a tasty healthy snack! Check out our products by clicking the "Products" button above and when you have your selection ready, use promo code DIET to save 50%!

Healthy Points

Is Kettle Corn Healthy?

Colby's Kettle Corn is loaded with healthy advantages! Many people think that popcorn is not very good for you. Actually, popcorn itself is good for you. It's what you put on popcorn that affects the health points.  Popcorn is low in fat and is a great source of fiber. We don't coat our products like other manufacturers; instead we lightly season the corn. This keeps Colby's Kettle Corn in the healthy snack category. So enjoy without the worry!

Gluten Free

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