Reward Zone

Welcome to our Reward Zone!

Now you can save even more money on your favorite kettle corn following these two simple steps.

STEP 1: Receive Points

Purchases = Points

Make purchases to receive points! As you make purchases you will accumulate a point for every dollar spent. Spend more to receive more points! Your points will be stored in your account (associated with your email) until you choose to redeem them.

STEP 2: Redeem Points

Points = savings

After accumulating points through your purchases you can choose to redeem them at any subsequent purchase. At checkout you will be able to select how many points you want to apply to the current purchase. The more points you use the more money you will save on that purchase!


Many purchase = many points

You can make sevaral purchases and save your points! Later you can use the points you saved up for HUGE savings! In addition to purchasing there are several other ways to earn points.

If you "Tell a Friend" and they make a purchase you will receive double points for their purchase! To "Tell a Friend" go to the products page and click on a product. There will be a button that will allow you to "Tell a Friend."

On featured months you will receive double points for every purchase. Look for our email!

You also receive points for leaving a review of our products.

*you will not accumulate points on an order in which you use points