Why Choose Colby's?

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No other company has the passion for quality like Colby's Kettle Corn. "To make a superior product, you cannot cut corners. No matter how large we get, we will always go through the extra time and expense to hand sift every batch. We will only use the very best ingredients, even if they cost 10 times more. Our personnel will always be the elite caliber that takes pride in their work. I will make certain we maintain stringent quality control, to ensure that every costumer that tries our product will never switch to another. People aren't going to purchase our product because we are the most affordable, or because they see a celebrity advertising it. They are going to purchase our product because they won't settle for anything but the very best!"



“Some people think that kettle corn is a flavor of popcorn. That’s what our competitors want you to believe. They offer ‘Air Popped!!!’ kettle corn, or ‘Microwave kettle corn.’ What a lot of people don’t realize is that kettle corn is not a flavor of popcorn; it is a process in which popcorn is made. Quite simply, true kettle corn is made in a kettle. Not all of our flavors are Salty Sweet, but they are all authentic kettle corn. We offer a variety of flavors to satisfy everyone’s desires. Try them all, my guess is that you’ll have a hard time finding your favorite.”



Because our Corn is lightly seasoned during the cooking phase, we are able to control our consistency without spraying on the flavor. When our competitors have to spray the flavoring on to be consistent, they end up with a much coated, Cracker Jack effect. In addition to giving the product a very potent candy-like taste, this also makes the product weigh quite a bit more.  When comparing 1 oz. of Colby’s Kettle Corn to 1 oz. of the competition, you can see that although they weigh the same, Colby’s Kettle Corn gives you a lot more product for the money.

Healthy Advantages

Colby's Kettle Corn is loaded with healthy advantages! Many people think that popcorn is not very good for you. Actually, popcorn itself is good for you. It's what you put on popcorn that affects the health points.  Popcorn is low in fat and is a great source of fiber. We don't coat our products like other manufacturers; instead we lightly season the corn. This keeps Colby's Kettle Corn in the healthy snack category. So enjoy without the worry!